Dr. David Grossi of Advanced Chiropractic

The patient presented suffering with several month’s of left knee pain with marked edema. The patient reported that she had to negotiate the stairs in her home on hands and knees. The patient’s orthopedic surgeon gave the patient medications and indicated that surgery may be necessary. X-rays revealed near total obliteration of medial joint-space. Ice, liniment, and rest failed to bring the patient any noticeable relief. She had also been taking glucosamine for years with out benefit. Patient had been on and intense multi-modal adjustment program.

TREATMENT: The patient was started on an intensive electrotherapy regime including clinical protocol for pain and edema. Patient was treated using the Premodulated Waveform for Chronic Knee twice a day, daily for two weeks with a 2 channel 4 pad application for 25 minutes each session. Ultrasound was applied for 8 minutes then cryotherapy was applied.

RESULT: After 3 weeks the patient was smiling, happy and ambulatory. Follow-up included 6 weeks of active care utilizing Synergy Rehab. Patient reports that she is almost as good as new!

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