A great experience that has helped me beyond measure in my decompression practice.

“I attended the Kennedy Decompression Certification in Saint Louis. Dr. Kennedy covered everything one would want and need to know about Traction. While the material presented is sometimes “meaty”, he utilized a lot of wit and humor which made the seminar anything but dry. In fact, I found it not only informative, but highly entertaining. Dr. Kennedy’s right hand man, Travis Buffy, did a fantastic job of showing the audience (utilizing a decompression table and other equipment) the ins and outs of what Dr. Kennedy was explaining. They make an effective team. Lastly, and this impressed me the most, was the humility of Dr. Kennedy. This is a man who most would say is the foremost expert on Spinal Decompression today, and yet he was not arrogant in any way. Nor did they once try to push their own decompression system, which in my opinion is the best on the market. All in all, a great experience that has helped me beyond measure in my decompression practice. I’ll be taking a review course with Kennedy Decompression Seminars in the future.

Jimmy O’Rourke, D.C.–Jamesport, MO”

You are a class act

“Just a few words about my experience of working with Travis.

From the initial contact, he went above and beyond with answering my many questions about a chiropractic table I was considering purchasing. After the purchase, he made sure to personally deliver the table to my office in Canton, Ohio. He has always availed himself to me, even long after the purchase of the equipment.

Then just recently, he proved his value once again by reaching out and helping me with some marketing materials.

He is a class act all around. I give Travis a huge thumbs-up. I know you will be in good hands with Travis Buffy on your side.

Joseph Medina, D.C.

Congrats to Robert Jeffries, D.C.

Congrats to Dr. Robert Jeffries and the Staff at Jeffries Chiropractic and Wellness in Cambridge, Ohio on their Decompression upgrade from the 2nd generation DTS to the advanced KDT Neural Flex system!