Dr. Shannon Smith of Smith Chiropractic
A 22 year old female gymnast complaining of constant pain and inability to do aerobics and normal gymnastics was being treated with flexion distraction and under constant supportive care. Patient presented with a grade 2 moderate L-5 Spondylolisthesis. Patient underwent a trial of decompression treatments utilizing the Decompression System. Utilizing Dr. Kennedy’s lumbar protocol #1 with a Decompression setting of a 40 second pull and a 25 second relaxation, minimum pull at 30 lbs and maximum pull at 1/2 body weight; 2 progressive ramp ups and 2 regressive ramp downs; for 12 minutes per session; 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks. At the end of the trial period the patient is able to perform ADL’s and can now do aerobics and normal gymnastics pain free. Patient has had no flare-ups. Patient supportive care has been reduced by 2/3rd the previous level prior to decompression therapy.
Dr. Michael Dunigan of Shamokin Dam Chiropractic
A 31 year old female presented after being beaten by a mental patient; patient was bent over and had her head shoved with great force between her legs. Patient was diagnosed with a stretched spinal cord, stenosis, with moderate to severe paresthesia, and tingling in both feet, and numbness in both hands. Prior to decompression therapy patient underwent approx. 8 months conservative passive and active Chiropractic treatments with little improvement.Cervical decompression was initiated. Initially 22 lbs max. with a rest poundage at 10 lbs. Hold time was 35 seconds with rest time of 20 seconds. 2 progressive ramps and 1 regressive ramp. Max lbs. increased to 25 after tolerance was measured. After initial trial the tingling in feet has disappeared and paresthesia symptoms have lessened. Patient can now walk normally up and down the steps and overall functional capacity has greatly improved. Patient able to go on vacation.