New 60 Watt Laser in Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Scott Pint of The Pittsburgh Pain Relief Center adds the most powerful class 4 laser ever produced to his treatment tools! This Diowave 60 Watt Mega Dose laser produces fast and effective results with the shortest treatment times. Congratulations to Dr. Pint and his patients on now having the most advanced non-invasive healing and pain control tool available in modern medicine!

pint laser

Doctors Scott and Rochelle Casses Chiropractors add KDT NF

Dr. Scott and Rochelle Casses of Carlise, Pa add the advanced KDT Neural Flex decompression system to their treatment tools. We wish them the best and increased patient satisfaction and results! Congratulations!

Casses NF

Dr. Berkowitz purchases TWO KDT Neural Flex Systems!

Dr. Jeff Clancy and Dr. Rich Berkowitz upgraded to 2 KDT Neural Flex Decompression systems from just one Chatt DTS. Congratulations to them with their success in Decompression patient volume to invest in new technology with 2 systems. Best Wishes to them and their patients!

Berkowitz NF

“Bryanne Enterprises is an excellent on-site full service Chiropractic Equipment and Supply Company…

MULLINS“Bryanne Enterprises is an excellent on-site full service Chiropractic Equipment and Supply Company. They provide onsite equipment demos, equipment delivery, hands on training, and the service and support is the best in the industry. I highly recommend them and what can I say they have my vote!”- Matt Mullins, DC, Chiropractic 1st, Lititz, Pa

6- KDT Neural Flex tables Dr. Rob Thompson of New Jersey

Dr. Rob Thompson has 3 Clinics in NJ with 6 Kdt Neural Flex tables. He has done an outstanding job of providing a very effective and organized decompression practice with top notch patient care. We are happy to say he’s a member of Kennedy Decompression Systems and Technique. Congratulations to Dr. Thompson and his staff on their tremendous success and the future expansion of the decompression practice!

r thompson 2

Pure Wellness adds KDT Neural Flex and Ergo Flexion

Dr. Eric Marks and Dr. Tyler Schwartz from Pure Wellness in Newark, DE add a new Pivotal FX adjusting flexion table and a KDT Decompression System. Good luck to them as they continue to build the practice! Congrats!

swartz marks ergo swartz marks nf

Dr. Irwin is now offering the latest in laser therapy.

Congratulations to Dr. Matt Irwin for adding a 15 Watt Class 4 Laser to his practice! Irwin Chiropractic Center is now offering the latest in laser treatment technology. We wish the best of luck to Dr. Matt and his patients.

irwin laser