Dr. Michael Ernesty

We had a 48 year old male present to our office on a Friday afternoon. He works as a engineer which requires mostly desk work, but as he was installing a new engine into his car at home he tried to “muscle” the engine into position by himself. He felt his low back “pop”. When he got to our office a few hours later he couldn’t drive, walk without assistance or even stand up straight. Low back radiographs showed total straightening of the lumbar lordosis and a double P.I. pelvis. The muscular strain was causing severe pain and stiffness. Low back range of motion was 10 degrees flexion, 5 degrees extension, 15 degrees left lateral flexion, 5 degrees right lateral flexion and 0 degrees of rotation.

We used our combo unit on him the first day with the interferential protocol for acute pain control for 30 minutes. The following morning we treated him with the interferential protocol for acute pain for 15 minutes and then used the VMS spasm control protocol over the lumbar paraspinals for 15 minutes and adjusted him utilizing table drops. On Monday (2 days later) he presented asymptomatic for pain with low back range of motion (in degrees) 70-flexion, 30-extension, 30-left lateral flexion, 25-right lateral flexion. It was literally a miracle for him and after completing a full 3 phase active low back rehabilitation program, is free of the daily back pain he suffered for the last 15 years. Thank you Bryanne Enterprises!!

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