Dr. Erdman upgrades to a 30 Watt Class IV Diowave

Dr. Darron Erdman of Mifflinburg, Pa upgraded his class 4 laser from 8 Watts to a new advanced Diowave 30 Watt Unit! Congrats and welcome to better and faster results with less treatment time!

Erdman Laser

Dr. Bloom adds 30 Watt Class IV Diowave Laser

Dr. Marc Bloom of Revere, Pa adds a 30 Watt Class 4 Diowave laser to his treatment tools! Congratulations and the best of luck to you and your patients!!

bloom laser

New Lloyd table purchase

Dr. Derek Houtz of Mifflintown/Mcveytown, Pa adds 2 new Lloyd tables to his practices! Lloyd 908 Hylo Elevation and a Loaded 402 Elevation. Congrats!

Houtz Lloyd