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Elite Chiropractic upgrades from Triton DTS 600 to the Kennedy Decompression Technique & System!

Congratulations to Dr. Warren Raishart of Mars, Pa on his Decompression upgrade from the Triton DTS 600 to the new and advanced Kennedy Neural Flex System! Dr. Raishart first took interest in learning more about decompression by becoming a KDT certified doctor, he then decided to upgrade his technology to match his new more effective […]

Allen Chiropractic upgrades from Chattanooga DTS to Kennedy Decompression System & Technique!

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Allen of Millersburg, Pa on his decompression upgrade from the first generation Chatt DTS to the state-of-the-art KDT Neural Flex! Dr. Allen loves the positioning options and comfort of prone treatments on the new system. He was amazed at how much more specific the pull felt in prone extension. Best of […]

Makefield Chiropractic upgrades from K-Laser to an exciting New Diowave 60 watt laser!

Congratulations to Dr. Tom Sangiorgio and his staff of Newtown, Pa on their laser upgrade from a 12 Watt K-Laser to the Diowave 60 Watt Mega Laser. They can now more effectively and quickly treat not just musculoskeletal pathologies but wounds, skin conditions, and burns as well. Our Diowave Lasers offer power levels into Cold […]