KDT Class IV Laser Therapy System
With New Tri-Wave & Dual-Wave Technology.





45 Watt Tri-Wave or 60 Watt / 30 Watt Dual Wave

Durable German Diode Laser System with Infrared Treatment Wavelengths:

15 Watt 980NM – 15 Watt 810NM – 15 Watt 1064NM

Aiming Beam is 650 NM Visible Red

8 lbs Portable

For more information please call toll-free (877) 279-2663

Why Buy the KDT Class IV Laser System? 

  1. Effective, Affordable, Available.
  2. Nearly 20 Years Experience with Lasers
  3. We sell based upon our knowledge from personal experiences with field clinical knowledge, not a manufacturers bottom line. We sell based upon your needs and budget, so no hard selling here, just education.
  4. Extreme Treatment Versatility (Power, Pulse, Wavelength Selection and Continuous Wave Modes).
  5. Lightweight & Portable
  6. 5 Year Industry Leading Warranty
  7. Loaner Laser Assist When Needed or Necessary
  8. Cold Laser Non-thermal Option (In the Same Laser)
  9. Training- KDT.TV Premium Portal with training documents, power points, and application videos. Facetime or Zoom training and when available on site in your office. A Laser Certification is in the process.
  10. Service & Support- Try us! We actually answer our phones, return texts, and emails in a prompt manner.
  11. Clinical Support System: We take clinical questions through our staff DCs who use lasers. (Clinical Support Tab in KDT.TV)
  12. Adjustable Spot Size Treatment on Straight Handpiece (Used for Trigger Points & Toe Nail Fungus)
  13. Cart and Carrying Case Included
  14. Free Website Construction Assistance & Marketing Help!
  15. Veterinarian Protocols: Included at no extra price!
  16. German Diode System offers the best durability and longevity in the industry!
  17. Easy and fast handpiece replacement vs. sending your laser in for repair! This is huge versus some competitors at the lower price range.
  18. KDT Custom Protocols, Factory Pre-Sets, and User Protocol Storage
  19. Investment protection with USB Drive for Future Software Upgrades!
  20. Easy to Use Interactive Touch Screen
  21. Fast Boot up speed and protocol selection 

What is Included:

  • German Diode Systems (Top Quality in Industry)
  • Laser Warranty: 5 Year Industry Leading
  • Handpiece Warranty: 30-Watt 1yr, 60 or 45-Watt 2yrs
  • Mobile Cart with Accessory Basket & Fiber Holder
  • Carrying Case
  • Full Training
  • Three Pairs of Goggles
  • Fiber Connector Cleaner
  • Extra Fiber Lens
  • Fiber Cable Holder
  • Straight Adjustable Treatment Handpiece