Dr. Darlington added a new Lloyd 402 to his clinic!! Congrats!!!

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Darlington of Grafton, WV on his new Lloyd 402 Flexion Elevation table! Thanks for your business!

Congratulations to Dr. Nutter on his Decompression Head upgrade!

Dr. Phil Nutter from Pittsburgh, Pa with his Decompression Head upgrade to the new Mettler MTD4000 with the L/C Interface. Enjoy the ease of use selecting protocols and speeding up your set-up time! Thanks for your business it’s a pleasure as always.

Congrats to Dr. Pokowitz for purchasing an EX4 and an Apex bench!

Dr. Stephen Pokowitz of Hawley, Pa with his new Theratouch EX4 Stim unit and Apex therapy bench! Thanks for all of your repeat business over the years! We appreciate it very much.

Congrats to Chiropractic Works for purchasing a KDT Table!

Congratulations to Chiropractic Works of Baltimore, MD on adding KDT Neural Flex Decompression to their 3rd Office! Thanks for your business! We appreciate it.

Antonelli Family Chiropractic just added a KDT Table to their clinic. Congrats!!

Congratulations to Antonelli Family Chiropractic of Union, NJ on their KDT Neural Flex purchase! Thanks for your business. We appreciate it very much!

Congratulations to Dr. Dean on her Class IV Laser upgrade!

Congratulations to Dr. Rhonda Dean of Greensburg on her Class IV Laser upgrade to the Aspen 60 Watt Laser! Dr. Dean now has the most powerful high dosage laser in the area. Dean Chiropractic can now more effectively treat your pain! Thank you for your business and support! Best wishes to you and your patients!

Thompson Healthcare just purchased their 12th KDT Table!!

Congratulations to Thompson Healthcare on their 12th KDT Neural Flex Decompression System! They also just opened their 10th office in New Jersey. Best wishes on your continued success! Thank you for your business. We appreciate it very much!

Congratulations to Dr. Krueger on his Lloyd 402!!

Congratulations to Dr. Keith Krueger of Lancaster, Pa on his Lloyd 402 Flexion table purchase! Enjoy sir and thank you for your business! We appreciate it!

Congrats to Susquehanna Spine & Rehab on their 60 Watt Aspen Laser!

Congratulations to Dr. Shawn Lee and Susquehanna Spine & Rehab on their KDT Aspen 60 Watt Laser Purchase! Thank you for your continued business and support! We appreciate you!