Dr. Schichtl just added another KDT Table to his clinic! Congrats!!

Dr. Kurt Schichtl and Dr. Karen Carpenter of Emmaus, Pa with their 2nd KDT System! Thanks so much for your business! Have a great 2020!

Congratulations to Dr. Miller on adding an Aspen 60 Watt laser to his clinic!

Congratulations to Dr. Justin Miller of Chicora, Pa on his Aspen 60 Watt Class IV Laser System purchase! Dr. Miller can now offer the most powerful and advanced pain management and healing therapy available. Thank you for your repeat business and support. We appreciate it very much! Best wishes in 2020!

Dr. Tokach just added a KDT table to his clinic! Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Tokach of Williamsport, Pa on his KDT Neural Flex Decompression System! Dr. Brian can now more effectively treat even the most difficult of compression pathologies. Thanks for your business! We appreciate it. Best wishes to you and your patients in 2020!

Congratulations to the Advanced Wellness team on their upgrade to the KDT table!!!!!!

Congratulations to Dr. Bryan Lowry, Dr. William Roodman and the whole Advanced Wellness team of Richmond, VA on their Spinal Decompression upgrade from the Triton DTS to the Advanced KDT Neural Flex! We appreciate your business and hope you have a great 2020!

Barun Spine and Chiropractic just added a KDT Table to their practice! Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Barun Spine and Chiropractic of Upper Darby (Philadelphia) Pa on his second KDT Neural Flex Decompression System! Thanks for your repeat business and support. Have a great and blessed 2020!

Congratulations Dr. Ward on your new EX4!!!!

Congratulations to Dr. Pat Ward and Pure Wellness of Wilmington, DE on their new EX4, 4 channel Stim unit! Enjoy the new technology and thank you for your business. We appreciate you all! Best wishes in 2020!

Congratulations Dr. Bloom on adding an Autowave to your clinic!

Congratulations to Dr. Marc Bloom and Bloom Family Chiropractic of Revere, Pa on adding a new Mettler Autowave 695 Unit! Radial Pressure Pulse Therapy will greatly increase soft tissue injuries and healing for even the toughest of your chronic pain sufferers. Thank you very much for your business! We appreciate it as always. Best wishes to you and your patients in 2020!

Dr. Darlington added a new Lloyd 402 to his clinic!! Congrats!!!

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Darlington of Grafton, WV on his new Lloyd 402 Flexion Elevation table! Thanks for your business!

Congratulations to Dr. Nutter on his Decompression Head upgrade!

Dr. Phil Nutter from Pittsburgh, Pa with his Decompression Head upgrade to the new Mettler MTD4000 with the L/C Interface. Enjoy the ease of use selecting protocols and speeding up your set-up time! Thanks for your business it’s a pleasure as always.

Congrats to Dr. Pokowitz for purchasing an EX4 and an Apex bench!

Dr. Stephen Pokowitz of Hawley, Pa with his new Theratouch EX4 Stim unit and Apex therapy bench! Thanks for all of your repeat business over the years! We appreciate it very much.