Northern Pittsburgh Chiropractor has great success with KDT Neural Flex System!

National KDT Instructor Travis Visits a Northern Pittsburgh Spinal Decompression Doctor who has great success with the KDT decompression protocols and technique. Dr. Gary Bowden is a proud member of the KDT Team. This picture shows him using the 2008 Model KDT Basic that is still holding up extremely well with high volume use for 8 years. Dr. Gary is looking at investing into a 60 Watt Diowave laser and a New model KDT Neural Flex for its increased versatility and technology. He treats many pro athletes and sports patients in his clinic. If anyone has a patient north of Pittsburgh Bowden Family Chiropractic in Butler, Pa is highly recommended.

Thanks for your support and business Dr. Bowden!


Ulery Chiropractic adds exciting new 30 watt Diowave laser to clinic!

Congratulations to Dr. Todd Ulery of Scottdale, Pa on his 30 Watt Diowave purchase. This laser will be primarily used for sports injuries and pain management. High Dosage Laser Therapy is a very effective and exciting modality to add to your clinic. We appreciate your business and wish you the best!


Dr. John Needler adds KDT Neural Flex Decompression System to practice in Columbus Grove, Ohio!

Congratulations to Dr. John Needler on his KDT Neural Flex decompression system!

We appreciate your business and wish you the best with this new advanced technology!


Optimal Spine Chiropractic expands practice with 2nd KDT Neural Flex Table!

Congratulations to Mark & Jennifer Kordonski, D.C.s’ on their 2nd KDT Neural Flex table purchase! It was a fun family decompression training day! We wish you the best with growing the practice and we appreciate your business!


Kingsley Chiropractic expands practice with 2nd KDT Neural Flex Table!

Dr. Jay Kennedy with Dr. Michael Paulk & Trish Paulk as they take delivery of their 2nd KDT Neural Flex System! We wish you all the best! Thank you for your continued business! 


Vida Chiropractic adds exciting new KDT Neural Flex System to their clinic!

Congratulations to Dr. Paulo Pereira of Newark, NJ on his clinic’s addition of the KDT Neural Flex System! This addition will help to more effectively treat herniated discs and compression syndromes in his office along with the many other modalities and treatment tools.

We wish you all the best! Thank you for your business!



Better faster patient results are now available to the Bedford and Altoona areas!

Dr. Darryl Warner at Warner Chiropractic of Everett and Altoona adds a 30 Watt High Powered Laser to his list of treatment tools! This High Dosage laser produces a high level of laser photons which helps the body heal at a much faster rate than normal. Congratulations to Warner Chiropractic on their newest equipment investment. Better faster patient results are now available to the Bedford and Altoona areas! Thank you for your business!

Warner Laser

New 60 Watt Laser in Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Scott Pint of The Pittsburgh Pain Relief Center adds the most powerful class 4 laser ever produced to his treatment tools! This Diowave 60 Watt Mega Dose laser produces fast and effective results with the shortest treatment times. Congratulations to Dr. Pint and his patients on now having the most advanced non-invasive healing and pain control tool available in modern medicine!

pint laser

Doctors Scott and Rochelle Casses Chiropractors add KDT NF

Dr. Scott and Rochelle Casses of Carlise, Pa add the advanced KDT Neural Flex decompression system to their treatment tools. We wish them the best and increased patient satisfaction and results! Congratulations!

Casses NF

Dr. Berkowitz purchases TWO KDT Neural Flex Systems!

Dr. Jeff Clancy and Dr. Rich Berkowitz upgraded to 2 KDT Neural Flex Decompression systems from just one Chatt DTS. Congratulations to them with their success in Decompression patient volume to invest in new technology with 2 systems. Best Wishes to them and their patients!

Berkowitz NF