Diowave Laser Systems

Diowave 30W Class IV Laser System

The Diowave 30W Laser Systems is the newest Class IV lasers available in the medical marketplace today. Offering maximum adjustable power output up to 30 watts, they provide an un-matched versatility in treatment options for a broad number of patients. Featuring a built in handle, the laser weighing in at 26lbs. can be easily moved from one treatment area to another.

* Three Pair Goggles & Heavy Duty Carrying Case
* Three Year Warranty; Excludes Handpiece: Handpiece has a 1 year warranty
* Color LCD touch Panel Display
* Up to 17 Programmable Presets
* Wavelength Treatment Beam – 980nm, Pulse Repetition up to 500 Mh, Continuous Wave
* Wavelength Aiming Beam – 635 nm Visible Red: < 4 Mw
* Treatment Spot Size: 50mm
* 250 Patient Education Brochures
* 3 Waiting Room Posters

TRY IT … BEFORE YOU BUY IT. For Chiropractors in Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Southern New Jersey.

Also available in 60 Watt.

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