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Lloyd Chiropractic Tables



Experience LLoyd Chiropractic Tables in our State of the Art Mobile Showroom! Schedule an onsite demonstration in one of our mobile showrooms today!  Available to Chiropractors located in Pennsylvania

~ Reproducible          ~ Innovative          ~ Durable



Lloyd Price List   

Galaxy 900 HS

Designed to Alleviate Back strain and Doctor Fatigue.

Here is a table that offers a more effective and comfortable way of adjusting. An electronic height selector raises the table to any desired height from 19" to 36", virtually eliminating stooping and bending. Head, chest, lumbar, pelvic, and ankle drops enable the doctor to adjust with greater efficiency at reduced effort and fatigue. A hylo feature tilts and lowers the table hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds.


Galaxy Hylo

The Favorite Workhorse of the Chiropractic Profession

Standard features include hydraulic tilt from horizontal to 70 degrees, infinitely adjustable speed and hydraulic extension retraction. A chest lumbar drop with spring breakaway, Pelvic Drop, ankle drop, plus many more options are available.


Galaxy Ultimate

Elevation, Hylo and Flexion Adjusting Table

This revolutionary multi-functional table is adaptable to virtually every adjusting technique. An electronic height selector pre-selects heights from 22" to 38". It smoothly tilts or lowers hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds. Optional automatic and manual drops are available.

Galaxy McManis Elevation

Unequalled versatility in an all-purpose flexion table

Manual flexion and pelvic extension and retraction are standard. Other optional features include: electronic height selector, and programmable automatic flexion, rotating chest, rotating pelvic, manual & automatic cocking drops on all sections including the ankle!


Galaxy McManis Hylo

A Safety Oriented Flexion Table that Stresses Comfort

This flexion distraction hylo is available in 22" to 28" heights. It smoothly tilts and lowers hydraulically at infinitely adjustable speeds. Single control levers provide precision control of the pelvic flexion with side bending and traction. Optional manual and automatic drops available on all section even ankle, rotation and auto flexion are available.


402 Elevation

Economical Elevation Table

The 402 Elevation is hydraulically lifted to any height from 19" to 38" in 10 seconds with superior stability, and will lift patients weighing up to 600 lbs. Optional Superior automatic Cocking drops and Electronic Height Adjustment are available.

Optional Features:

  • Lloyd's superior designed auto cocking drops
  • Elevating, Straight drop headpiece
  • Spring Breakaway Chest
  • Manual & Automatic drop Ankle
  • Vertical Ankle Rest
  • Electronic Height Adjustment(EHA)
  • Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
  • Snap-on Covers


Lloyds drop design allows the amount of force applied to be equal, weather that force is applied on the right, left or center of the cushion, making them superior to other drops on the market. The automatic cocking drops are built into the table with controls on each side and can be set manually in the event of electric failure. No air compressor is required. A specially designed spring release on chest section is optional. Optional manual and automatic drops are available.

Also Available without Drops.


Optional Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
Range of motion and position of patient's head is virtually limitless.

Optional Electronic Height Adjustment (EHA) allows you to pre-set a lower, mid-level, and upper height. EHA allows the table to be elevated or lowered with one tap of the foot pedal.

401 DB (Drop Bench)

An adjusting bench with a total drop system. Standard features include a tilting forward motion drop headpiece with adjustable widths, one-piece chest/lumbar drop and lumbar/pelvic drop. Options include an elevating headpiece with straight drop, kick drops and ankle drop.


Astro HYLO

Lower cost Hylo table that doesn't compromise quality and wanted features

The Astro Hylo adjusting table incorporates the smooth operation of Lloyd's proven electro-hydraulic system, which quietly raises and lowers the table as quickly as 8 seconds at infinitely adjustable speeds.

The Astro Hylo features pelvic and chest sections that adjust up and down to accommodate pregnant and large abdominal patients. Other standard features include tilt headpiece, tilt safety switch, adjustable ankle rest, convenient foot pedal and the ability to separate the chest and pelvic sections to accommodate 4'10" to 6'6" patients.

Astro Elevation

Lower cost Elevation table that doesn't compromise quality and wanted features

The Astro Elevation can be hydraulically lifted to any height desired from 18" to 38", greatly reducing doctor fatigue. Lloyd's reliable and extremely quiet electro hydraulic system smoothly lifts up to 450 lbs, in 10 seconds with superior stability. It takes a minimum 5 feet of floor space


 Cosmic III Intersegmental

The Cosmic III Intersegmental traction therapy table provides pinpoint traction therapy and unequaled cervical effectiveness at the touch of a button.

Standard Features
  • Hand Held Control Unit
  • Custom Program Feature (allows doctor to set treatment parameters)
  • Clockwise and Counterclockwise roller action
  • Roller Travel path up to 24 inches
  • 0 - 30 Minute Timer
  • 4 Independent Side and End panels without controls
  • Raise and Lower Roller Mechanism up to 4 inches by 1/10"
  • Rollers automatically retract when timer expires
  • Vibration
  • Main ON/OFF Switch
  • Cervical Pillow, Flat Bottom Foot Roll, Flat Bottom Cervical Pillow


Lloyd 2010 Price List






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Schedule an onsite demonstration in one of our mobile showrooms today!

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Bryanne Catalog






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